I've never been good at composing self generalisations; elaborate or otherwise. They result in an over embellished lie or a vague and invalid misrepresentation.




So the canon lesbian relationship on Jane the Virgin is between Luisa and her step mother (who is the same age as her) yet people had a shitfit at swanqueeners for shipping Emma with her step grandmother (also the same age). OUAT was like “no you can’t ship them they’re family”. Jane the Virgin is like “surprise motherfuckers they’re family enjoy the delicious shipping dramaaaaa”

I know which show I’m watching.

lol. In France recently a guy and his stepmother married each other - with his divorced father’s blessing.

The “incest” argument against two women who are not blood relatives and met as adults being romantic was and is only a cover for homophobic sentiments - from Ginnifer Goodwin and the homophobic fans alike.


She on beat like a muhhfucka


For those of you who don’t know



First/second/third world terminology refers to whether or not a country was allied with the US during the Cold War. First world = allied; second world = opposed; third world = neutral

It literally has nothing to do with how “developed” a country is

These terms are outdated and we need to stop using them

holy shit

The UN started using those terms to refer to developed countries in the 40s - Can’t remember the specific date but I’m sure someone would know.

My brother won’t speak to me, my wife cheated on me, and I have nowhere to go. And I’m about to be slapped with a huge lawsuit. But I’m not drinking. At least I’m not drinking.

Gang feeds hungry school kids

You don’t normally hear good things about Gangs, but there’s one in NZ called Tribal Huk that have been feeding hungry school kids for the past couple years


They make between 450 and 500 sandwiches every school day and deliver them to 25 Waikato schools in Hamilton, Ngaruawahia, Huntly - as far north as Rangiriri.

"When I was little we had no food," says Pink, "so I grew up a hungry little bugger and a bit angry, too.

"The main reason we’re doing this is because there’s a lot of hungry kids out there and it means a lot to be able to fill their little bellies up."


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a moment of silence for all the fanfiction lost to the ravages of time, unsalvageable even by the wayback machine, condemned to its final resting place in the deactivated archives of fansites for now-syndicated television shows

rest in bytes my dear lemons and limes