I've never been good at composing self generalisations; elaborate or otherwise. They result in an over embellished lie or a vague and invalid misrepresentation.


Holy fuck my blister is itching like a motherfucker




why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter” 

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with the cat he rescued from a tree for a little old lady

Uhm… Sophia Burset anyone? (Well Marcus at the time)

That actually happens.. Plus you get those pyromaniacs that start fires so they get the praise/credit

gladisl5 replied to your post “keeva99 replied to your post “I feel sorry for people who feel…”

Are you talking about the one that asked Adam to “stop supporting these people”?

Yup and then said the following which unfortunately Adam replied to:

Like at least get your fucking facts straight.


I got tagged by keeva99 and thecrazybehindyou. I’m too lazy to do 2 separate lists, so here’s one lol (keeva99's list was for 20)

1: “Hearts Burst into Fire” - Bullet for my Valentine
2: “Dreams” - The Cranberries
3: “Tusk” - Fleetwood Mac
4: “F.U” - Miley Cyrus
5: “We are Done” - The Madden Brothers
6: “Bravado” - Lorde
7: “Strong Persuader” - Robert Cray
8: “Electric Heart” - Sia
9: “Cruise Control” - Headless Chickens
10: “Samson” - Regina Spektor
11: “No Rain” - Blind Melon
12: “BYOB” - System of a Down
13:”Mr Crowley” - Ozzy Osbourne
14: “Viva Forever” - Spice Girls
15: “Waka” - Che Fu
16: “She looks so perfect” - 5 Seconds of Summer
17: “Violent” - Stellar*
18: “Ugly Heart” - G.R.L
19: “Lyin’ Eyes” - The Eagles
20: “Wuthering Heights” - Kate Bush

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keeva99 replied to your post “I feel sorry for people who feel threatened by non-canon ships.”

what have the captain swan shippers done now?

Wasn’t a CS shipper (well I mean they could be but their Twitter icon was OQ) but they started shit on Twitter with Adam… I replied to it before if you want to see

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repeat after me

a ship doesnt have to be canon to fucking ship it

now say it with me

a ship being canon doesn’t mean people have to like it

HOLY SHIT. I wouldn’t do that lolol

You can see why I’m like

So many lols

bluedragon-silence: So I stole this off my sister’s FB page because this is the video she was nominated in… Go Jamie!

1st Major difference: The size of the buckets
2nd major difference: You have to sit with your feet in a bucket of ice water as well

So major lols for me