I've never been good at composing self generalisations; elaborate or otherwise. They result in an over embellished lie or a vague and invalid misrepresentation.


Found a story that I had favourited so I could read it later, I opened it up and started reading

Fucking FPPov.

Clearly I never even started it and just did it based on the pairing (Bering & Wells)

I feel dirty.

sympatheticapathy replied to your post “sympatheticapathy replied to your photoset “Favourite Rachel Berry…”

I LOVED the show. Shameful I know. Now I hate it more than anything lol it’s what got me into tumblr, I had a whole Glee blog and everything. Hated the fandom so I deleted & purged my soul, then I got into Once because it seemed like a fun fandom…

Yeah… The similarities between the Glee & Ouat fandoms are scary.



dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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The SQ Fan awards.

Why would you capitalise the winners in the text but not on the actual banners?

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I forgot to post these lol There’s a 30min discrepancy because I was at work