I've never been good at composing self generalisations; elaborate or otherwise. They result in an over embellished lie or a vague and invalid misrepresentation.


Queerbaiting is the silent killer in our televisions. Please, make sure your favorite shows get tested early and often

sheriff-swan replied to your post “sheriff-swan replied to your post “If I tell you to make yourself at…”

You leave me no choice. I’m just going to have to ask Eily, she understands my pain when helping myself.

Eily defers to me because I am alpha.

You know this Ciara plus she still asks me for things and I always say no because she needs to learn to just buy or get what she wants.


sheriff-swan replied to your post “If I tell you to make yourself at home… make yourself at home. That…”

But Alpha some of us were raised British!

No exceptions!

If you ask me for something I will say no.

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Regina an Emma are never going to happen. Homosexuality is sinful and Emma is supposed to be a hero.





Regina has killed and maimed hundreds of people (if her heart vault is anything to go by).

You’re really going to focus on the fact that they’re two females?

I mean really, I know they aren’t canon. I’m fully aware that it’s very likely not going to happen.

Don’t care. Still going to ship them.

So since “Emma is supposed to be a hero”, she can’t be gay, because “homosexuality is sinful”? Well, says who? These backwards thinking religious people who preach about love and acceptance but think it’s okay to judge people because of who they are? Get back to me when you have arguments other than “homosexuality is a sin” because that is an old argument, sweetie.

Ooh another bible thumping anon, let’s see…

Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law.

You want to hide behind your religion for your hate, then there you go.

Personally, I’m not religious so I’ll put that in my own words.

Keep your wankful thoughts about the way others lead their lives to yourself, you spaztarded ape dick.

I just love bible-thumpers! But I refuse to take them seriously with their rants and ‘judgements’ unless they live by the bible 100%

Don’t just pick and choose the parts of it that suit your idiotic ‘arguments.’